• Introduction

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    AWS CWI Sample Course comprises of the three parts of Part A, Part B, and Part C papers. The Sample Course comprises of one Module each of three-part with contents and PPT. The candidates shall open the modules and sub-modules to study the contents, PPT, Interactions, and assessments of the Course. The candidate can attempt the quizzes to assess the pre-course knowledge of the CWI course. 

    The conduct of the course, resources for download can be accessed by clicking the links above. The candidates may watch the video of the Eurotech by pressing the link on the video place at the right hand.


      Module 1- AWS CWI Brief 

      The AWS CWI is seven days Seminar program with lectures, practice questions, hands-on learning experiences, and homework assignments, followed by Examination on the eighth day. The seven days, instructor-led seminar reviews the complete body of knowledge required of a CWI and prepares candidates for the CWI Exam, which is administered at the conclusion of the seminar week.

      The sample modules for each course are given as preview of the courses, where a part of the course has been given free of cost for the candidates to decide before making the payments for the complete course.

      The contents of the course, a section of the workbook and short assessment of the  module would be available to the candidates free of cost.

      The sample AWS CWI Course is free for the candidates would cover initial part of Part A, Part B and Part C (API 1104) Standard. The remaining detailed course would be covered under the AWS CWI Part A, B and C modules.

      The candidate have the option of attending the course online and the contents would be made available to the candidate for two weeks time.

    • Module 2 - AWS CWI PART A (Free Sample Course)

       Module 2 - AWS CWI Part - A  

      Module 1 would cover session 1 to 4 (Clause 1 to 4) which are as under:-

      • Session 1 - Scope
      • Session 2 - Normative References
      • Session 3 - Terms, Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations and
      • Session 4 - Specifications Equipment Materials
    • Module 3 - AWS CWI PART B (Free Sample Course)

       Module 3 - AWS CWI Part B 

      Module 1 and 2 - Contents

      1.0 General Requirements
      2.0 Workmanship Requirements and Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria – Structural Steel 
      2.1 Base Metal Preparation
      2.2 Workmanship Requirements
      2.3 Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria 
      2.4 Fillet Weld Dimensional Tolerances

    • Module 4 - AWS CWI PART C (Free Sample Course)

      Module 4 - AWS CWI Part C 

      Module 4 would cover session 1 to 4 (Clause 1 to 4)

      Module 4 would cover four sessions (Clause 1 to 4) which are as under:-

      Session 1 - Scope

      Session 2 - Normative References

      Session 3 - Terms, Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

      • Terms and Definitions
      • Acronyms and Abbreviations

      Session 4 - Specifications

      • Equipment
      • Materials

    • Downloads, QUIZ, and FEEDBACK