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    WPS, WPQR, and WPTR are important parts of the Welding Inspection Technology.  It is mandatory for any engineer, supervisor to understand the finer aspects of the WPS, and WPQR thoroughly.  The course would contain the definitions and correlation of WPS, WPQR, and WPTR with each other. The course would explain the WPS and WPQR, type of WPS, essential variables, supplementary variables, and non-essential variables. The candidates shall open the modules and sub-modules to study the contents, PPT, Interactions, and assessments of the Course. The candidate can attempt the quizzes to assess the pre-course knowledge of the CWI course. 

    The conduct of the course, resources for download can be accessed by clicking the links above. The candidates may watch the video of the Eurotech by pressing the link on the video place at the right hand.